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From the Introduction, published by Los Angeles Times Books:

"This is the southern California desert as you've never seen it, and won't ever see it – except through the extraordinary lens of photographer-artist Ed Freeman. Seeking to impose his own vision on what his camera, records, Freeman has created an arresting and exciting collection of nearly 50 photo-artworks that glorify ordinary pieces of desert real estate by reworking and enhancing their physical reality."

Desert realty is a series of photographs of old, dead and decaying desert buildings, retouched and composited to bring out their inner beauty and charm. The pictures are at once wistful and humorous, unique and commonplace, beautiful and a reminder of the ultimate fate of all man-made things.

WET available on iTunes only

Bodies move more freely in an underwater environment, creating shapes and forms that would be impossible on dry land. What was supposed to be a one-week project turned into seven summers of shooting, plus endless months of  editing and tweaking. This is an iBook of some of the best underwater male and female nudes to come out of that work – and some behind-the-scenes video footage of photographer and models in the act of creating a fantasy world underwater.

WORK -  Paperback

This book of R-rated male nudes, published by Bruno Gmünder in Germany, is one of the most popular books to come out of the turn-of-the-century, Golden Age of male nude photography; scrupulously constructed fantasy images of idealized men's bodies. Many of these pictures have gone on to become recognized standards of contemporary gay iconography worldwide.