Ed Freeman Photography | About
Ed Freeman's began his career in the music industry: he worked as a road manager on the last Beatles tour, played guitar on dozens of pop recordings, wrote and conducted orchestral arrangements for Carly Simon and Cher among others, and produced over two dozen albums, including Don McLean's immortal "American Pie."

Starting twenty-five years ago Freeman gradually transitioned to his other great love, photography. Since then he has published two hardcover books, an iBook, and exhibited widely in galleries and museums, both in the United States and abroad. He has been featured in dozens of photography magazines and books and has scores of cover pictures to his credit. His fine art images are in private collections worldwide and in the permanent collections of several prominent American museums.

Freeman is widely recognized for his expert and innovative use of Photoshop in creating images that run the gamut from believable realism to pure fantasy. His controversial position regarding image manipulation is that what he is producing is not journalism but fine art – pictures that are to be appreciated for their intrinsic esthetic value rather than for their accuracy in depicting an actual event or place in time.